Find Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants Near Me

As we have entered 2020, we can look back at a year where veganism broke into the mainstream. In 2019, all major chain restaurants added vegan dishes to their menus, the availability of vegan products in supermarkets has exponentially grown and well-known brands made headlines when launching vegan alternatives to their popular meals. Veganism is here to stay.

In this globalization era, there are many types of businesses have done in business, one of which is a type of business in the culinary field, the goal to be achieved by culinary business actors in the
creation of customer loyalty that is felt after the customer uses the services or products offered by the company and gives his response on the product or service. Some factors that can affect customer loyalty are product quality, service quality, and price. This study aims to explain the effect of product quality, service quality, and price on customer loyalty in Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant.

Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant is a fast-food Vegan dining area that sprouts in the city of Denpasar. This Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant serves Vegan foods for those who want a healthier lifestyle, Vegan itself is 100% pure vegetarian eating only food derived from plants, such as grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts and they exclude all animals by-products from their lifestyle (for example meat, egg, milk, wool, leather items, which contain animal fat, products tested on animals, etc.).

Loving Hut has a variety of healthy ready-to-eat menus ranging from several mixed rice dishes, various processed noodles, various types of side dishes, vegetables, regional specialties, and a variety of drinks and various fresh juices. Vegan Loving Hut is a type of business that began in 2008 and is currently operating in the city of Denpasar and has also been spread in 23 countries with more than 158 restaurant spread throughout the world.

Loving Hut can be found in the United States, Taiwan (Formosa), Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, Panama, Czech, China, Mongolia, Austria, France, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and Indonesia (Loving Hut Indonesia, 2019).