The pumpkin-based vegetable cream I know is a classic in my networks and on my blog, but today I bring it with a small alternative that is very likely to incorporate it from now on.

This is an easy version of my vegetable cream, it does not require any cooking knowledge. It definitely takes the top spot in my vegetarian recipes for beginners section.

The cream is made up of only 4 base ingredients: water + pumpkin + zucchini + sesame. No cream, no dairy creams, no milk, no cheese. I haven’t added any more ingredients because you definitely don’t need it. It is a thick but smooth cream with a lot of flavor. The fact of adding sesame seeds not only improves its thickness and creaminess, but nutritionally speaking it adds a plus to the recipe.

Whenever we talk about the virtues of consuming sesame seeds on a regular basis, it is emphasized that they are a plant food very rich in calcium. But it must be borne in mind that to improve absorption in its consumption, it is always recommended to consume them crushed, crushed …

Therefore, before whipping the cream, I recommend that you crush the seeds a little with a mortar, to ensure that all the seeds are crushed. On the other hand, if this process makes you a bit lazy, you can use cream or sesame paste, also known as tahini. I always use sesame seeds because buying a bag of these seeds is cheaper and more versatile (in my opinion) than buying tahini.

The ingredients can be found in some large supermarkets but I also compared the products to buy them online.

It is also known as sesame.